From To-Do
To Done

Set Reminders for your near once.

Now you can set a reminder (alarm) for yourself, your family and friends.

Status alerts till the task is done.

You will be notified once the job is done.

Share events among your group

Osunio will remind your buddies on time so nobody will miss your moment.

What’s new in the Osunio?

Share your alarms

Share reminders with others using OsuniO app or through other apps like WhatsApp.

Multiple repetition options

Create complex and custom repeating alarms.

Sync Calendars

Add your Outlook or Google calendars with the OsuniO app.

Several Snooze Options

The reminders provide a variety of snooze settings, including how often and for how long they should be snoozed

Create Photo Alarms

Add a description and photo to your alarms/reminders.

Create Personalized Calendar

Make your own personal calendar and share it with your family and friends.

Realtime Alerts

Receive an alert when someone sends you a reminder and also get notified when they take action on the reminder.

Color coded labels

Use a variety of colors to distinguish your reminders.

Backup and Restore

Data is private, it will be stored on your phone. Sync data backups on google drive and restore while application reinstallation.

Global Event Timeline

 Add global events to your osunio calendar as a reminder.

View all the reminders

Check the status of all prior and upcoming reminders, including whether they have been completed, cancelled, or have expired.

Chat with others

Stay within the app and communicate with your loved ones.

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People say the nicest things

Preeti Jain

Preeti Jain

I have finally found the reminder app that does everything it claims it will do, consistently, and most importantly, intuitively, after trying many different ones. I have all of my daily, weekly, monthly, etc. repeating events imported and working.



It’s the best app I’ve found for keeping track of events and gives a variety of notification tones and snooze options, and it’s also the easiest to set up. A fantastic app to always have on your phone. I also love the feature being able to share the reminders. 

Eden Andrews

Eden Andrews

Great app that not only allows you to set reminders for yourself but for others as well. It has a user- friendly interface.The app also has a great feature of sending an image with reminders and a chat section as well . An innovative reminder app.